Seasoned Wood

Firewood should be well seasoned and dried out.

It is important that wood and logs used for firewood should be mature and well seasoned. If wood is not well seasoned it will not give out a lot of heat as much of the energy will be used to evaporate the water in the wood.

So badly seasoned wood makes poor firewood. Burning badly seasoned firewood will also result in a lot of deposits in your chimney which can be dangerous and can also reduce the life of your stove, flue pipe and chimney.

Wood used for firewood is generally cut in the winter (the best time to fell trees). The wood should then be sawn and chopped up (which increases the surface area which makes the wood dry faster) and then left to air dry for at the very least the entire summer season.

A good thing to look out for is to look at the end grain of the firewood - if there are a lot of little splits in the wood (see the photo on the right) then this is a good sign.

If you live in a designated Smoke Control Area (SCAs) you can find wood burning stoves which are exempt from the regulations when using seasoned firewood supplied by us on this page >>

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