Kiln Dried Fuel

Today it is essential that wood is technically dried prior to use. The condition of the wood and its drying degree are decisive preconditions for the high quality of the final product.

Kiln drying uses different methods to reduce the moisture content of green timber in a shorter space of time.

All wood species vary in moisture content and it is important to take this into consideration when loading the kiln.

The main objective is to remove the excess moisture while minimizing any damage to the timber.

Drying Techniques compared


Conventional Drying using heat.
This "cooks" your logs up to 90 degrees using wood fuel using a sophisticated Wood Fuelled Blown Air Dryer by Zeroridge ™ .

Drying by Dehumidification.
This uses electrical components to extract moisture .

Natural Drying in the open air.
Relying on the weather does not only mean a very slow and uneven drying, but also that moisture contents below 16% can not be achieved. Because the process is so slow, large amounts of capital are tied up in wood stocks that cannot be used.

After care

Wood must have time to adjust to the environment in which it will be used or installed.

All our trees are harvested and sourced locally, then graded and sorted according to diameter and length before being processed in the sawmill.


example of balustrade created using kiln dried timber.

timber planks

timber planks graded sorted and dried ready for use in many projects.


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We can supply Oak beams, Oak floorboards, cladding, Hobby Packs, Project Packs and offcuts, Rough Sawn Timber, Structural Timber, Flooring and Firewood and Logs dried using our in-house kiln to your specification.

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